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    The filters all comply with the Directive SOFIMA BER 2010.
    The H20 range of SOFIMA filters ensures the highest degree of separation of water from the fuel (capacity greater than 95%).

Today the SOFIMA FILTER brand features a strong development of the range of products distributed for the Aftermarket, aimed, especially, at increasing its offering for the Asian motor vehicle fleet since the company is present and active with the main local and large automobile manufacturers in the Far East. The extensive presence, on the European market, of products with characteristics that often do not match their original characteristics makes the products offered by the SOFIMA FILTER range particularly interesting for distributors in the spare parts sector who ask for a high quality product.

SOFIMA FILTER produces a thorough set of filtration solutions according to the highest quality standards for total Customer satisfaction. It offers the mechanic a range of kits to facilitate vehicle maintenance procedures.

Fuel, oil and engine air filters and LPG and methane filters guarantee proper maintenance of machine parts and utmost engine performance. Driver’s cab air filters are made of innovative fabrics to ensure healthy and comfortable environment inside the passenger compartment.

SOFIMA FILTER belongs to the UFI FILTERS Group which produces 60 million filters per year and which introduces approximately 150 new codes into the latest Aftermarket catalogue to guarantee effective coverage of the circulating fleet of vehicles.

foto-sofima-olioThanks to the leading-edge technologies and development of innovative filter media, SOFIMA oil filters protect engines from external impurities or from particles, generated by normal operation of machine parts. SOFIMA filters, in spin-on, immersion and ecological versions, guarantee top performance in terms of consumption, engine maintenance and environmental friendliness.


SOFIMA Diesel filters guarantee total engine protection. In particular they protect the injectors and the pump that work at high pressures and are subject to breakdowns due to the impurities and water contained in the Diesel fuel. SOFIMA manufactures a range of products that offers the highest possible degree of separation of water residue from fuel (over 95%) for “Common Rail” systems, with excellent filtration capacities for removing impurities contained in the Diesel fuel.

SOFIMA filters are also available for traditional injection systems.


SOFIMA Fuel (gasoline) filters are extremely important to ensure utmost protection to carburetors and injectors because they eliminate particles contained in the fuel. SOFIMA systems are designed to ensure a long life for the car, long replacement intervals and optimum engine performance. The Fuel (gasoline) filter range includes more than 300 items to best meet market requirements.


Air filters are key components behind a car life, as they purify air that passes through the combustion chamber and protect the engine from the hazard of impurities (dust, sand, etc…). SOFIMA air filters for automobiles, commercial vehicles and trucks anticipate market requirements and give exceptional filtration levels, with longer filter lives and reduced maintenance costs.

foto-sofima-aria-abitacoloPassenger compartment air filters are necessary to protect against pollution (dust, soot, combustion gases, bacteria, pollen, etc.) and ensure comfort inside the vehicle. SOFIMA air filters are made of synthetic materials or are combined with active carbon to achieve average particle and pollen capacities that exceed 90% retention, even in extreme weather conditions.

foto-sofima-metanoSOFIMA FILTER products are designed with special attention to the environment. A range of eco-friendly fuel filters for LPG and Methane filters is currently being introduced. Special attention must be given to safety facets considering the very nature of LPG, a mix of butane and propane, and for this reason the Ministry of Transportation requires compliance with existing regulations.

The SOFIMA S 1836 B LPG filter has, therefore, achieved certification in accordance with European ECE/UN R67/01 Regulations class 2A.

Filtro essiccatore SOFIMA 2The drying filter is a key component for increasing the reliability and durability of the braking system on certain industrial vehicles. These heavy duty vehicles feature a mechanism that uses pressurized air to ensure that the braking force transmitted by the driver is sufficient to stop the vehicle. Air generally contains humidity which, as the temperature drops, condenses and deposits in the form of water. This water may cause corrosion inside the braking circuit and freeze during the winter and make it difficult to brake. A drying filter is a necessity in order to prevent this phenomenon. This filter contains a porous substance that is able to absorb the humidity in the air that passes through it. This humidity is then discharged to the exterior.

Consult our ONLINE CATALOGUE or contact us to receive a printed version of the SOFIMA FILTER catalogue..

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